Foodie Event at Miss Siam!

I was super excited to organise my very first foodie event at Miss Siam, a newly opened Thai restaurant on Collins Street, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The group which opened the restaurant have been in the food industry for 10 years and have opened three restaurants, including Rock the Wok, and now Miss Siam – which has allowed them to feature a new concept.

Miss Siam serves authentic Thai street food and is perfect for those who work in close vicinity and desire a quick, delicious lunch to have at the restaurant, or for takeaway.

Seeing as Thai food has always been one of my go-to cuisines, I thought that the food would perhaps be average and just like any other Thai food I’ve ever had. But boy was I pleasantly surprised! The quality of the food and all the flavours incorporated, were absolutely spot on.

For this event, I invited a bunch of Melbourne’s top foodies with their plus ones and was super happy with the support I recieved, with an attendance of around thirty people. But what amazed me the most was the way in which the team at Miss Siam humbly served every single one of these invitees. The service was impecccable. Not only were we served a great deal of food, but the team also included a speech on the background of the restaurant and its food, homemade icecream made by one of the owners herself (and who wouldn’t fall in love with Thai milk tea and coconut-flavoured icecream?!), AND a birthday cake as it was my birthday the next day! All these special touches made this experience so memorable for me that it inspired my decision to begin this journey of organising food events to bring people together!

A big thank you to the foodies that attended this event and all the staff at Miss Siam – I greatly appreciate all your support!

Featured below is my favourite dish of the event- Thai sago dumplings filled with sweet turnip and crushed peanuts! They were so good that I’ll have to come back for more!

Thai Sago Dumplings

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