Mint-O-Mustard Event!

I recently organised another Wendeats Event- this time we went Indian! The event was highly successful and had an awesome turnout of some of Melbourne’s favourite foodies! A special thank you to: @melbourniancritic, @southsidemelbourne, @crumbsofafoodie, @tsanga.eats, @therubycanvas, @forkwithus, @feedblogspot, @mrkingsley.w, @takingabite, @twoguysoneplate, @eatyourmelbs, @splitthebill, @melbourne.cheapeats, and @inbetweendesserts for your support with this event!

My aim in organising these events is to not only help restaurants and cafes with publicity, but to also bring different foodies together so we can actually meet each other properly face-to-face and share an epic food experience together. And an epic experience was definitely had at Mint-O-Mustard.

Mint-O-Mustard is a recent addition to Docklands and brings a modern twist to Indian Cuisine. I loved that we were able to experience such a vast range of Indian food, some that we’d had before (but executed really well) and some that we’d never even heard of. I never knew a curry menu could be so extensive! It was refreshing to skip the typical ‘Butter Chicken’ which is very over-ordered. And what was even more amazing was that each dish was so different yet delicious in its own way!

Here are a few photos I took of the dishes that night:

Masala Papad
Paneer: Fried cottage cheese 
Paneer Lollipops- Deep fried mixture of cottage cheese, herbs, spices with topped on baby corn.
image2 (1)
Tandoori Chicken: which one foodie said was the best she’s ever had!
A mixture of different curries from the night
image1 (1)
Khumb Karara: Mushroom stuffed with onion capsicum and cheese deep fried in chef special batter.
My favourite of the night: M&Ms Naan Bread!

So.. as you can see, a feast was had! And look at the variety of food we were presented with! The menu even featured Indo-Chinese food which was a real surprise.

Other highlights of the night included the amazing service (a special thank you to Shweta and team), and the fit-out of the restaurant which was modern but had a relaxed vibe to it- perfect for family dinners or large gatherings of people.

When you visit Mint-O-Mustard, you’re guaranteed a great time. The event left everyone commenting that they really enjoyed themselves and were introduced to a whole new side of Indian Cuisine. Yes, this is a restaurant definitely worth checking out. 🙂

Stay tuned for more events to come,

Love, Wendeats. ❤

Wendeats Event with Resto Bobo

Another Wendeats Event. But this time we Frenched it up! 😍

We took a journey through Alsace, the Germanic region of France, located on the Eastern border. And a special dish of this region is the Tarte Flambée– which is essentially a French pizza which features an ultra thin, crisp dough base, the light layering of a creamy sauce, and carefully paired toppings of exquisite cheeses and French ingredients!

Resto Bobo was only five weeks old but had been a two year project in the making! They are Australia’s first restaurant specialising in French Tarte Flambée and also serve up a unique selection of matched French and Victorian wines.

Designed to share, Tarte Flambée provides a perfect opportunity for people to get their hands a little dirty, be in community and bond with each other! ✌🏻 It’s been bringing together the people of Alsace for centuries and now it will bring the people of Melbourne together!

Resto Bobo offers a unique and heart-warming French experience in the heart of Windsor. And with all the foodies having had different favourites in terms of flavours of the night, I know this new concept is going to be a hit! 👌🏻

A special thank you to the amazing, accommodating staff (which included cute French boys with irresistible accents 😜), the talented chef, and to all the foodies that attended that night:, @breakfast_adventurers, @southsidemelbourne, @therubycanvas, @olivesundays, @melbourne_glutton, @tsanga.eats, and @forkwithus! ❤️

Featured below are photos from the event! Stay tuned for another upcoming Wendeats event- this time we’ll be going Indian! ☺️

Tarte of Smoked Bacon, Garlic Confit, Chive and Emmental Cheese
A Cute French Waiter with the Poached Pear Tarte
Tarte of Cheese, Cranberry and Rocket Salad
Tarte of Salmon, Dried Raisins, Almond Nougatine and Lemon
Tarte of Carved Beef Steak, Mixed Salad, Vinaigrette and Parmesan
Tarte of Cheese, Prunes, Pine Nuts, Thyme and Honey
Sweet Tarte of Blueberry and Mint
Sweet Tarte of Banana and Nutella

Wendeats Event with Gold Moon

On Tuesday the 2nd of May, I hosted another foodie event, this time with the stunning Gold Moon Restaurant in Brighton. Featured below, you can see that this restaurant is truly a piece of architectural genius.

Image result for gold moon restaurant brighton

Gold Moon is a spectacular new concept in Brighton which features fine dining Chinese food, a 3 year project by a management involved in the architecture field (everything in the restaurant has been custom-designed and can be purchased on site), and multiple talented chefs- some from prestigious restaurants around the world such as Flower Drum in Melbourne and a restaurant within Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

I loved every part of this event. Having to organise a table of Melbourne foodies at super short notice, I was really thankful for the successful turnout which included @melbourniancritic, @melbourne.escapades, @takingabite, @melbournecafes, @forkwithus and @twoguysoneplate. We also had an amazing host, Kingsley, who was so accommodating and explained everything about the restaurant and its dishes so flawlessly, down to the quality produce they use in each dish. But not only did we have amazing service, the food also exceeded our expectations. Gold Moon takes typical Chinese dishes but adds their own special touch to them- taking them to a whole different level. Or to put it more succinctly, they serve simple dishes done well. The following photos serve as evidence of this fact:

An Entrée Featuring a Perfectly Cooked Dim Sum and Xiao Long Bao


Duck Soup (This tastes like a duck version of Shark Fin Soup and needs to be pre-ordered)


Wild Barramundi Fillet (Which features fresh Barramundi)



Kung Pao Prawns (Definitely a favourite for many of the foodies)



Fried Rice with Prawns and Char Siu



Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly (My personal favourite of the night)



Spinach with Goji Berries



Coconut Jelly Dessert


As you can see, we were extremely well fed by the Gold Moon team, so much so that we actually had to go for a mid-meal walk to digest a bit before continuing our feast (that’s a first!)- but Kingsley kept it extra interesting by using this walk as an opportunity to give us a tour of the restaurant and explain the architecture and different areas in more detail.

It was an event I’ll never forget. Generous staff, empeccable service, architectural flair and heart-warming food are what make Gold Moon an ultimate paradise getaway in the middle of Brighton.

Stay tuned for more events!

Love, Wendeats ❤

Foodie Event with Long Story Short Cafe

Last night was the foodie event I organised with Long Story Short Cafe with the aims to increase awareness of the cafe opening for dinner now, 3 times a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights).

The event was highly successful as I managed to gather 14 top Melbourne foodies at super short notice to dine at the cafe together (@munchingmelbourne, @twofoodfriends, @lipstemptations, @melbourne_glutton, @hungrycookiee, @breakfast_snobs, @missy_ness_, and @forkwithus! This was a great turnout as the cafe had requested for me to find a party of 14 to sit at the main table.

As we arrived, staff at the cafe gave us menus where we could order as much as we wanted (I know, awesome right?!). But each of us ordered a savoury and sweet dish, and we purposely ordered one of each dish on the menu to have a wide range of photos.

Featured below are all the dishes on the new dinner menu. These additions are also available at lunchtime too if you’re feeling like something a bit heavier.


Tim Tam Pancakes





Mushroom Gnocchi



Fairy Floss Dessert Burger and Tim Tam Pancakes


Green Apple Pannacotta


Activated Charcoal Fish and Chips


Deconstructed Lamb Souvlaki


Cold Drip Coffee Pork Ribs


Crispy Skin Salmon

As you can see, the spread of food currently available is amazing! They aren’t simply pretty on a plate 😉

What I loved about this event was the staff and the hospitality and service they showed. They were so willing to help, and even gave us different flavours of eclairs to take home which was a super sweet touch!

Long Story Short is the perfect place to go when you are stuck thinking of what to eat on a weekend night. The atmosphere is casual and comfy, and it’s nice to be able to indulge in some amazing dessert after dinner without having to move to a different venue! I would suggest getting in quick before more people find out about it! 😉

Stay tuned for many more Wendevents to come… I love bringing different foodies together who share the same passion and can join efforts to help different cafes and restaurants out! So you can expect that there will be many more exciting adventures coming up!

Love, Wendeats ❤

Foodie Event at Miss Siam!

I was super excited to organise my very first foodie event at Miss Siam, a newly opened Thai restaurant on Collins Street, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The group which opened the restaurant have been in the food industry for 10 years and have opened three restaurants, including Rock the Wok, and now Miss Siam – which has allowed them to feature a new concept.

Miss Siam serves authentic Thai street food and is perfect for those who work in close vicinity and desire a quick, delicious lunch to have at the restaurant, or for takeaway.

Seeing as Thai food has always been one of my go-to cuisines, I thought that the food would perhaps be average and just like any other Thai food I’ve ever had. But boy was I pleasantly surprised! The quality of the food and all the flavours incorporated, were absolutely spot on.

For this event, I invited a bunch of Melbourne’s top foodies with their plus ones and was super happy with the support I recieved, with an attendance of around thirty people. But what amazed me the most was the way in which the team at Miss Siam humbly served every single one of these invitees. The service was impecccable. Not only were we served a great deal of food, but the team also included a speech on the background of the restaurant and its food, homemade icecream made by one of the owners herself (and who wouldn’t fall in love with Thai milk tea and coconut-flavoured icecream?!), AND a birthday cake as it was my birthday the next day! All these special touches made this experience so memorable for me that it inspired my decision to begin this journey of organising food events to bring people together!

A big thank you to the foodies that attended this event and all the staff at Miss Siam – I greatly appreciate all your support!

Featured below is my favourite dish of the event- Thai sago dumplings filled with sweet turnip and crushed peanuts! They were so good that I’ll have to come back for more!

Thai Sago Dumplings