Foodie Event with Long Story Short Cafe

Last night was the foodie event I organised with Long Story Short Cafe with the aims to increase awareness of the cafe opening for dinner now, 3 times a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights).

The event was highly successful as I managed to gather 14 top Melbourne foodies at super short notice to dine at the cafe together (@munchingmelbourne, @twofoodfriends, @lipstemptations, @melbourne_glutton, @hungrycookiee, @breakfast_snobs, @missy_ness_, and @forkwithus! This was a great turnout as the cafe had requested for me to find a party of 14 to sit at the main table.

As we arrived, staff at the cafe gave us menus where we could order as much as we wanted (I know, awesome right?!). But each of us ordered a savoury and sweet dish, and we purposely ordered one of each dish on the menu to have a wide range of photos.

Featured below are all the dishes on the new dinner menu. These additions are also available at lunchtime too if you’re feeling like something a bit heavier.


Tim Tam Pancakes





Mushroom Gnocchi



Fairy Floss Dessert Burger and Tim Tam Pancakes


Green Apple Pannacotta


Activated Charcoal Fish and Chips


Deconstructed Lamb Souvlaki


Cold Drip Coffee Pork Ribs


Crispy Skin Salmon

As you can see, the spread of food currently available is amazing! They aren’t simply pretty on a plate 😉

What I loved about this event was the staff and the hospitality and service they showed. They were so willing to help, and even gave us different flavours of eclairs to take home which was a super sweet touch!

Long Story Short is the perfect place to go when you are stuck thinking of what to eat on a weekend night. The atmosphere is casual and comfy, and it’s nice to be able to indulge in some amazing dessert after dinner without having to move to a different venue! I would suggest getting in quick before more people find out about it! 😉

Stay tuned for many more Wendevents to come… I love bringing different foodies together who share the same passion and can join efforts to help different cafes and restaurants out! So you can expect that there will be many more exciting adventures coming up!

Love, Wendeats ❤


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