Mint-O-Mustard Event!

I recently organised another Wendeats Event- this time we went Indian! The event was highly successful and had an awesome turnout of some of Melbourne’s favourite foodies! A special thank you to: @melbourniancritic, @southsidemelbourne, @crumbsofafoodie, @tsanga.eats, @therubycanvas, @forkwithus, @feedblogspot, @mrkingsley.w, @takingabite, @twoguysoneplate, @eatyourmelbs, @splitthebill, @melbourne.cheapeats, and @inbetweendesserts for your support with this event!

My aim in organising these events is to not only help restaurants and cafes with publicity, but to also bring different foodies together so we can actually meet each other properly face-to-face and share an epic food experience together. And an epic experience was definitely had at Mint-O-Mustard.

Mint-O-Mustard is a recent addition to Docklands and brings a modern twist to Indian Cuisine. I loved that we were able to experience such a vast range of Indian food, some that we’d had before (but executed really well) and some that we’d never even heard of. I never knew a curry menu could be so extensive! It was refreshing to skip the typical ‘Butter Chicken’ which is very over-ordered. And what was even more amazing was that each dish was so different yet delicious in its own way!

Here are a few photos I took of the dishes that night:

Masala Papad
Paneer: Fried cottage cheese 
Paneer Lollipops- Deep fried mixture of cottage cheese, herbs, spices with topped on baby corn.
image2 (1)
Tandoori Chicken: which one foodie said was the best she’s ever had!
A mixture of different curries from the night
image1 (1)
Khumb Karara: Mushroom stuffed with onion capsicum and cheese deep fried in chef special batter.
My favourite of the night: M&Ms Naan Bread!

So.. as you can see, a feast was had! And look at the variety of food we were presented with! The menu even featured Indo-Chinese food which was a real surprise.

Other highlights of the night included the amazing service (a special thank you to Shweta and team), and the fit-out of the restaurant which was modern but had a relaxed vibe to it- perfect for family dinners or large gatherings of people.

When you visit Mint-O-Mustard, you’re guaranteed a great time. The event left everyone commenting that they really enjoyed themselves and were introduced to a whole new side of Indian Cuisine. Yes, this is a restaurant definitely worth checking out. 🙂

Stay tuned for more events to come,

Love, Wendeats. ❤


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