Wendeats Event with Resto Bobo

Another Wendeats Event. But this time we Frenched it up! 😍

We took a journey through Alsace, the Germanic region of France, located on the Eastern border. And a special dish of this region is the Tarte Flambée– which is essentially a French pizza which features an ultra thin, crisp dough base, the light layering of a creamy sauce, and carefully paired toppings of exquisite cheeses and French ingredients!

Resto Bobo was only five weeks old but had been a two year project in the making! They are Australia’s first restaurant specialising in French Tarte Flambée and also serve up a unique selection of matched French and Victorian wines.

Designed to share, Tarte Flambée provides a perfect opportunity for people to get their hands a little dirty, be in community and bond with each other! ✌🏻 It’s been bringing together the people of Alsace for centuries and now it will bring the people of Melbourne together!

Resto Bobo offers a unique and heart-warming French experience in the heart of Windsor. And with all the foodies having had different favourites in terms of flavours of the night, I know this new concept is going to be a hit! 👌🏻

A special thank you to the amazing, accommodating staff (which included cute French boys with irresistible accents 😜), the talented chef, and to all the foodies that attended that night:

@gastrology.co, @breakfast_adventurers, @southsidemelbourne, @therubycanvas, @olivesundays, @melbourne_glutton, @tsanga.eats, and @forkwithus! ❤️

Featured below are photos from the event! Stay tuned for another upcoming Wendeats event- this time we’ll be going Indian! ☺️

Tarte of Smoked Bacon, Garlic Confit, Chive and Emmental Cheese
A Cute French Waiter with the Poached Pear Tarte
Tarte of Cheese, Cranberry and Rocket Salad
Tarte of Salmon, Dried Raisins, Almond Nougatine and Lemon
Tarte of Carved Beef Steak, Mixed Salad, Vinaigrette and Parmesan
Tarte of Cheese, Prunes, Pine Nuts, Thyme and Honey
Sweet Tarte of Blueberry and Mint
Sweet Tarte of Banana and Nutella

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