Wendeats Event with Gold Moon

On Tuesday the 2nd of May, I hosted another foodie event, this time with the stunning Gold Moon Restaurant in Brighton. Featured below, you can see that this restaurant is truly a piece of architectural genius.

Image result for gold moon restaurant brighton

Gold Moon is a spectacular new concept in Brighton which features fine dining Chinese food, a 3 year project by a management involved in the architecture field (everything in the restaurant has been custom-designed and can be purchased on site), and multiple talented chefs- some from prestigious restaurants around the world such as Flower Drum in Melbourne and a restaurant within Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

I loved every part of this event. Having to organise a table of Melbourne foodies at super short notice, I was really thankful for the successful turnout which included @melbourniancritic, @melbourne.escapades, @takingabite, @melbournecafes, @forkwithus and @twoguysoneplate. We also had an amazing host, Kingsley, who was so accommodating and explained everything about the restaurant and its dishes so flawlessly, down to the quality produce they use in each dish. But not only did we have amazing service, the food also exceeded our expectations. Gold Moon takes typical Chinese dishes but adds their own special touch to them- taking them to a whole different level. Or to put it more succinctly, they serve simple dishes done well. The following photos serve as evidence of this fact:

An Entrée Featuring a Perfectly Cooked Dim Sum and Xiao Long Bao


Duck Soup (This tastes like a duck version of Shark Fin Soup and needs to be pre-ordered)


Wild Barramundi Fillet (Which features fresh Barramundi)



Kung Pao Prawns (Definitely a favourite for many of the foodies)



Fried Rice with Prawns and Char Siu



Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly (My personal favourite of the night)



Spinach with Goji Berries



Coconut Jelly Dessert


As you can see, we were extremely well fed by the Gold Moon team, so much so that we actually had to go for a mid-meal walk to digest a bit before continuing our feast (that’s a first!)- but Kingsley kept it extra interesting by using this walk as an opportunity to give us a tour of the restaurant and explain the architecture and different areas in more detail.

It was an event I’ll never forget. Generous staff, empeccable service, architectural flair and heart-warming food are what make Gold Moon an ultimate paradise getaway in the middle of Brighton.

Stay tuned for more events!

Love, Wendeats ❤


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